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Signing up on Yola

Kliken by SiteWit is fully integrated with all Yola accounts!

To access your Kliken analytics or products, click the button below:
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Signing up on Wix

Kliken can be easily added to any Wix website.

Just install our Kliken for Wix apps and fill out our short sign-up form.
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Signing up on Weebly

Kliken by SiteWit can be added to your Weebly website with no sign-up form to fill out.

Simply installing our Kliken for Weebly app and away you go.
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Signing up on Ecwid

Kliken by SiteWit can be added to your Ecwid shopping cart by installing our Kliken for Ecwid app.

Once installed, you can have your entire catalog ready to advertise on Google in minutes.
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Kliken Focus Group

Kliken can be added to your WordPress website by installing our Kliken All-In-One Marketing for WordPress plugin.

Simply install our plugin and fill out our short sign-up form and you're ready to go.
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